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Abby the mother dog when rescued. Severely undernourished , a bad wound on her back & feeding 5 puppies!


Donate above to fly them to Canada on September 12th!

Abby and her 5 puppies were noticed at a shelter in India, a place where germs and sickness is prevalent and puppies mortality rate is about 99%. Mom (Abby) had an infected wound on her back which was incredibly painful, but she still happily fed her active puppies, continuing to be the best mother she could.

Peedu’s People (whom K9Aid have been working with in India) immediately scooped up Abby & her puppies and put them in a local foster home. They were dewormed and given vaccines, but within days they realized all was not well.

Diarrhea and dehydration set in quickly due to tape worms in young street puppies and sadly 3 of the pups fell very ill and despite vet care and round the click nursing, they died.

Today Abby and her remaining two puppies, Amber and Sami are called the St. Peter’s survivors. They are free of parasites, eating and drinking playing with each other and bothering their mamma, who’s wound is now completely healed.

A wonderful rescue in Monteal, Canada has offered to rehome Abby & her puppies and we are absolutely delighted! We’e also had flight miles donated for the flight by the wonderful Janis Rosenthal who has given us the opportunity to send the dogs almost immediately! A flight is available on September 12th, less than 3 weeks away!

But there are still expenses to pay for crates, vaccines, internal transport etc, and YOUR DONATIONS ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED!

Abby & her 2 pups are lucky to be alive. We need to ensure their future is safe and they all find forever loving homes.

Please donate in time for the flight! Every small donation helps.
Thank you x

Amber, one of Abby’s suriving pups who has the chance to fly to Canada

Sami, the other suriving pup ready to fly to Canda

Two of Abby’s pups who sadly died.


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