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Our hearts are breaking for this sweet boy found abandoned on street in Pattaya Thailand unable to move. He had an extremely large open wound on his underside & we can only imagine the pain he was suffering.

A kind person rescued Buddy and rushed him to a local veterinary clinic. It is unknown what happend to this poor boy, but his entire chest and abdomen were badly infected and blood results show he is suffering septicemia. Blood clots (thrombosis) were also in all parts of his skin and muscular tissue, so the only way to potentially save buddy’s life was to remove this dying skin. (Photos within this post are after the badly infected skin was removed).

The vet says the septicemia is the greatest concern and Buddy’s body will need to fight this infection if he is to survive.

Buddy needs to stay in intensive care where he will receive strong antibiotics. His wounds need daily cleaning and the healing period will be approximately 4 months.

Buddy has a lot to endure and his road to recovery will be long. The vet will do everything he can be to save Buddy’s life.

K9Aid is appealing to our supporters to donate for Buddy. The expected cost to treat Buddy over this 4 month period is approx US$1200. Our Fundraiser is for $900 to pay the majority of our Buddy’s treatment. Local Thai donations are being sought for the balance. We will bring you updates on Buddy as we receive them. 

Buddy desperately needs your help!

Thank you.




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    • Brenda

      Looks like someone tried to skin him alive or placed him in boiling water!!!

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