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Stray kittens in Turkey who’s only daily meall is provided by Turunc’s Mobile Feeding Station


Turunc Cat Shelter in Turkey save many hundreds of lives every year. Last year they suffered major changes and were forced to move the entire shelter to another location.

They did an amazing job in re-settling the cats and re building the shelter from scratch. Throughout this time they continued to operate over twenty MOBILE FEDING STATIONS, which provide food for street cats & kittens.

Every month, Turunc supply food to local people whom feed the cats at these stations. These amazing free range stations not only keep the cats from hunger but also allow the local people an opportunity to observe the cats health. If they notice a cat looks unwell or not eating they tell Lea (Turunc’s Founder) and the cats receive the treatment they need. All the cats who frequent these feeding stations are also STERLIZED by Turunc.

Each stations feeds around 6 to 7 cats. They all rely on Turunc to have a daily meal. Turunc rarely ask for our help, so when they do we know it’s desperately needed. 

YOUR DONATION will keep these vital feeding stations open. $500 is our goal – please help with a donation however small.

Thank you x

This is Margarets Wall, she feeds between 8 to 10 cats every day at this Mobile Feeding Station.

Begonvilla Fedding Station: The kitties at one of our feeding station’s. This one is outside on apartment complex. When it is raining the cats are fed under the stairwell.


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