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Help Cha Cha get on her September 18th flight to New York and transport to Boston!

Remember Cha Cha? She was pregnant and dumped in Khon Kean, Thailand last Autumn.  This is an extremely dangerous area for dogs as the Illegal Dog Meat Trade is still very active in this area.  

After giving birth to 6 puppies, Bangkok rescuer Ti Krittika was notified and she immediately arranged for Cha Cha and all her pups to be brought to her. YOUR DONATIONS HELPED CHA CHA & HER PUPPIES SURVIVE!

In February of this year Ti flew to New York and brought all 6 puppies with her..  All puppies are now in their forever home but their mama, Cha Cha needs a chance at happiness too!

Cha Cha has been waiting almost a year now and has an offer of a special foster home in Boston who works with socialization. She has already received 4 months of training and making great strides toward being a confident and happy dog.

Please help cover her flight and transfer fees so she too can feel the love and comfort of her own home. Thank  you x

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