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Someone has left this steel collar on Charlies neck for a very long time and it’s eaten into his flesh causing severe infection & unimaginable pain


This poor dog was found by locals in The Philippines, cowering under a car, crying in fear and pain. The people  had no idea why he was crying was so loud, but it prompted them to post on Facebook in the hope of a Rescue Group coming to his aid. He’s been named “Charlie”

Local Rescuer – Mary tried to capture this poor suffering soul but her first attempt failed, as he was very scared and ran off. But Mary didnt give up! She went back and tried again, this time capturing him with a net. It was then that Mary noticed A STEEL COLLAR IMBEDDED IN CHARLIE’S NECK! No wonder he was in such excruciating pain. She immediately bundled him up in her arms and took him to the nearby Veterinary Surgery (Doc Mace Clinic).

Charlie was petrified and his neck severly infected from the imbedded steel collar that cut into the soft tissue causing him immense pain.

He needed to undergo immediate life saving surgery to have the collar removed. He is also severely dehydrated, suffering Ehlerchia and riddled with fleas and ticks. He also tested positive to heartworm and has low Red Blood Cell Count with Liver and kidney issues

Your support is needed to pay Charlies veterinary bills, as the surgeon removed it prior to payment to save his life. He will also need intensive ongoing treatment, antibiotics and supplements to increase his body weight. Charlie will also be sterlized and vaccinated once he’s strong enough.

Charlie is only 5 years old, he’s suffered so much in his short life. Please help him recover with a donation.

Thank you everyone. We will bring you updates as received.

Mary who rescued Charlie from underneath the car where he was crying for his life

Charlie when found crying underneath the car in the streets of The Philippines

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