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CHAUSSETTE & BAGGY ARE IN GRAVE DANGER… “If you don’t take the dogs away, I will take care of it myself!!”…

We all know what this aggressive statement means… these 2 puppies born on a Burmese labour camp in Phuket Thailand will not survive, unless an immediate solution is found for them.

CHAUSSETTE (female) & BAGGY (male) have lived at a Burmese camp their whole young lives. Their current “owner”, the boss of the labour camp, is forced to go back to Burma in the next few days. He won’t take the dogs with him and the camp workers HIT & ABUSE the pups as soon as the boss is away.

Local Rescue Group “Help Street Dogs & Cats” are desperately trying to help these pups & have only ONE SOLUTION. One of their volunteers has offered to build a run in her garden to house the pups & another volunteer has offered to construct it for free.

The plan is for the 2 pups to have a safe haven in this large run, with daily walks and training from other volunteers, whilst also getting them ready for adoption. Once Chaussette and Baggy have found their forever homes, the run can be used for any future street dogs who are threatened and need emergency foster care.. which we all know is a common occurrence in Thailand.

YOUR URGENT DONATIONS will pay for fencing to be immediately erected & a bamboo sala to be installed for the dogs to lay & sleep on.

PLEASE help Chaussette and Baggy! Each day without this foster home is a big risk for their well being. Your donations will ultimately save their lives & give them a future.

Thank you x


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