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Coco’s owners moved away & left him behind. Now he has cancer & needs your help. He’s such a sweet adorable boy who just wants to be loved.

Coco’s family abandoned him  & now he has cancer resulting from a flesh eating worm…

Coco was found a few weeks ago ABANDONED by his family.  They took their belongings & their furniture and yet left this faithful, loving little dog that adored them to fend for himself. 

Local rescuer Jane Key discovered this tired, bedgraggled little boy, trying to fend  for himself on the streets.  His nose appeared to be in the process of being “eaten away” and  it was discovered he had a flesh eating worm inside his nasal cavity. It’s likely Coco has picked up this worm whilst he was foraging for food, trying desperately to fill his tummy and survive!

Jane  rushed Coco to the vet by where the worm was removed and he was healing nicely… UNTIL LAST WEEK…

Now Coco has been diagnosed with cancer in his nose!  This dog is the happiest most jolly little soul who is now facing yet another surgery.  He deserves this chance at a real life.  The vet says that the cancer is operable and sent him to a specialist who will remove the tumor then monitor for regrowth.

The bill is mounting for this abandoned dog who just wants to sit in your lap and be loved.  Please help him get over this hurdle too.

Thank you.

Coco’s nose was healing from the flesh eating worm, but now he has cancer


Coco with his rescuer Jane Key

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