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This paralysed dog lived in a cage for a year, but now has a chance at happiness…

Josette Fisher  did not know “Dog”. He is not a temple-dog, but she would regularly see him when going to the vet in Pranburi, Southern Thailand.

By luck or fate Josette started noticing this boy and he started noticing her. She then began chatting to him each time she saw him and now she never makes a visit without bringing him a snack or two. “Dog” even knows the sound of her car and greets Josette with a howl every time she arrives.

Curious as to why this dog was always at the vet clinic in this cage prompted Josette to find out his story. It is a sad story!

“Dog” has been in his cage for over a year! He was left in front of the vet’s clinic one night after having been hit by a car, paralyzing his hind legs. No one ever came back for him. The vet does the best she can and did not turn him away. She tried to put him out in the yard every day, but he only scraped his skin raw by dragging himself around. She does not have the time to look after him properly, but he is well-fed, clean and kept in a large clean cage. He is ever so friendly despite his ordeal.

In the course of running Dog’s story on her FB Page, Dogs life has touched the hearts of many. He now has a real name “Cody” and with the help of so many people will soon be on his way to Thai animal sanctuary, Saved Souls where he’ll be free from his cage, fitted with a wheelchair and drag bag, sterilized and prepared for the best surprise of all – his flight to the USA where the wonderful organization Blossom Animal Rescue will welcome him with open arms.

Blossom Animal Rescue !(http://www.blossomanimalrescue.org/) in located in beautiful Sonoma County, Northern California. Blossom’s mission is to save the lives of special needs dogs and cats by rehabilitating and placing them in loving forever homes. We are forever grateful to Novalee Truesdell for offering this once in a lifetime opportunity for Cody.

With the help and support from Joy Huss of Hand to Paw, Cody will receive his crate and pre-flight necessities and logistical support. All that is left is for Cody’s flight! In less than two weeks so many people have come together to turn Cody’s life around. Please help us to get him on his way, so he no longer has to watch his world go by.

Thank you.


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