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This little puppy’s name is Crystal. She was born on the streets of Bangkok along with her 2 siblings.

A local man who feeds street dogs in the area noticed that she was walking & wobbling around from one side of the road to the other. She seemed unable to maintain her balance. The man assumed someone had poisoned Crystal and took her to a local vet.

Local Bangkok rescuer – Ti Krittika heard about Crystal. She proceeded to take the puppy for tests at veterinary hospitals where she was finally diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This congential disorder is not treatable, but it can be managed and Crystal will be able to live a full life  even thought she will never be “normal”.

Ti spent many weeks trying to find a special home for Crystal and she was delighted when a rescue organisation in New York USA, called Willows Wings saw Crystal’s video and offered to rehome her! Willows Wings specialise in rehoming dogs with special needs, so this is an amazing opportunity!

There is a flight to New York available for Crystal on May 21st. Just US$400 needs to be raised so that she can fly to her new life.

Please help with a donation for this flight which will ensure this little girl finds the special home she desperately needs.

Thank you

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