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Dang (Red) was viciously attacked by a knife.  Someone  tried to chop his ear off!

Dang is a stray dog who lives in a car park of a factory in Nakorn Prathom, Thailand. He was found with a huge maggot infested wound behind his ear, where some horrible person had tried to hack off his ear! The wound was heavily infested with maggots. 

Luckily the person who found him contacted Bangkok Rescuer Khunkitt Mhanakorn who quickly located Dang and drove him to a Bangkok Veterinary hospital for urgent treatment.

Dang will need  intensive cleaning of the massive wound to rid him of all the maggots.  After that heals, the vet will be able to determine if he can close the wound. It may be necessary to contineu daily cleaning of the wound for over a month before closure.

Without treatment, Dang would have died. We are so grateful for the person who found him and Khun Kitt for rescuing him. This poor dog must have been in extreme pain.

The estimate to treat Dang is approximately 12,000 BHT or $400 USD.

Please consider a donation to help poor Dang.  Thank you.

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