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Dodo, she is around 8 years old and was so severely beaten that her spine broke in two. As a result both her hind legs have had to be amputated.

A specially designed wheelchair is needed to be ordered from the USA to properly support Dodo. She’s currently getting around on a standard chair, but it’s not the correct size for Dodo and she needs one with additional support for her pelvis.

But Dodo is one of the happiest little dogs you could ever hope to meet. She is always smiling and loves life & humans, even after she was disabled at the hands of a human & will never walk again.

Dodo was rescued by Linda Van Der Riet in Athens who has vowed to keep Dodo in her care for however long is needed. She won’t be going anywhere and has a forever home with Linda.

The cost for the chair is USD$490 and we are hoping our supporters can raise the funds to buy the new chair which will ultimately improve Dodo’s quality of life.

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