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Dragon when first recued. He was so fearful he needed to be darted.


Dragon is a stray dog who has lived his entire life on a beach in Pattaya, Thailand.

He is suffering from 2 types of cancer, both of which are potentially curable.

He has a large tumor on his tummy which is very dangerous and has been cut out immediately. The other cancer is TVT (venereal cancer) on his penis and can be cured with chemotherapy.

Dragon has been at the vet now for one month recuperating from the surgery to his tummy. He will likely need to spend 2 or more months at the vet having chemo for his TVT cancer.

This poor boy was rescued by Prapassorn Suwansang (Khun Ann) who could not bear to see him suffering like this.

Funds are desperately needed to help pay the veterinary bills for Dragon’s therapy and surgery. Without donations & rescuers like Ann, Dragon would die a very painful death alone.

Dragon longs to be back on his beach, but he needs to be well again. He is not a dog who has had much interaction with humans so is very fearful. The sooner he is cured, the sooner he can be returned to his comfort zone where locals feed him and he enjoys his life in the sand.

Please give Dragon a little encouragement that his life will improve and send him a small donation.

Thank you x … Get well soon Dragon.

Evaluating Dragon’s cancer sites. Both on his tummy and his penis.

Poor boy just wants to go back to his beach

Dragon when rescuers were trying to catch him in the streets surrounding his beach


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