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The allocated 1 Rai of land given by the municipality for Falko’s dogs.


For many years the street dogs in the Pattaya region of Thailand have been helped by a retired German man – Falko Duwe.
Now Falko needs YOUR help! 

Falko’s heart is huge. He has cared for the street dogs without any government support, all expenses are paid from his own savings and donations that he receives from animal lovers around the city. He works day and night to feed the dogs, treat them, get them sterilized,etc..he does all he can to make the lives of these gentle creatures a bit better.

He has been taking care of 50 dogs at his home for years and his friend’s house has another 50. He feeds & treats another 50-60 dogs around the city every day.

Unfortunately 2 weeks agao Falko receved a visit from the sub-district administration of Pattaya, telling him that he would have to remove the dogs as soon as possible. If he failed to do so by April, the city’s dog catchers will remove them, which would be a disaster.

A few days ago the Council decided to allocate 1 rai of land to Falko for his dogs. Donations have been received to build a perimeter fence and some basic shade structures for the 100 dogs which will need to move there.

What is desperately needed is a basic kitchen facility on the land where a water tank can be erected and the dog’s food prepared. The cost for this is estimated to be approx US$1400.

This new area for the dogs is far from ideal and will only provide basic faciliites. We feel terrible for the dogs who lived happily at Falko’s home who now have to move to a piece of bare land.

Your donations will improve the conditions for these dogs and help build a kitchen area to cook their food & provide fresh water.

Please consider sending a donation however small. They really need your help. Thank you.

Falko and hs dogs at home before eviction

Where Falko’s dogs now have to live


hillside land allocated by the municipality for Falko’s dogs.

Falko in happier times with his beloved street dogs


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    • Falko Duwe

      Dear donors,

      I would like to tell you how grateful I am for supporting the relocation of “my” dogs from the house they lived in for more than two years. The dogs had a good life in a beautiful environment but we had to leave since the local authorities didn’t allow us to stay any longer. The new environment is not that great but offers lots of opportunities of running and climbing. The dogs really relish those new challenges and are happy there so far. They even get fed with rice food daily which I couldn’t prepare very often. So, all in all the relocation can be considered as successful. However, the new place can only be a temporary one for the dogs since it is a municipality shelter and we don’t know how long we will be allowed to stay there. A place with all necessary facilities has to be found and that is our next challenge.

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