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This beautiful street dog is around 4 years old and the vet believes he was subjected to a VIOLENT ATTACK which resulted in terrible damage to his spine.

He was found collapsed  in terrible pain on 7th April in Phaisali, Thailand by husband and wife rescuers – Bim & Boom, who run a home based Rescue called MAD4SOIDOGS. They were horrified by what they saw & ran to his aid.

Bim & Boom wanted to give this poor boy (now named “Fluffy”) every chance of walking again, so they paid for spinal surgery also known as a Hemi Laminectomy and Pedicle Screw at a specialist vet in Samut Songkram.

Fluffy’s recovery will be very slow. He is now recuperating at the MAD 4 Soi Dogs centre which will likely become his forever home.

We are desperate to purchase Fluffy a walking frame which will go a long way to help improve his quality of life and aid his recovery. The cost is $250 and we hope many of our supporters will donate for this frame so that Fluffy can have the best possible chance of recover and walking again soon.

Without local rescuers like Bim & Boom, dogs like Fluffy would die painful, horrendous deaths on the street. We are so grateful to them for saving Fluffy and YOUR DONATIONS will ensure Fluffy gets the therapy he needs to walk again.

Thank you x

The type of Walking Frame needed to assst in Fluffy’s recover and help him walk again.

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