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Gatou when found on the streets of Bangkok by Amy


This poor boy was rescued off the streets of Bangkok by Amy Nutsati.

He’s been named “Gatou” and he’s only 1 year old. This starving dog was first spotted trying to eat garbage off the street, but some local street dogs chased him away. A month passed & Gatou was spotted again, only this time, he is much skinnier, more fur has been lost and he looks very sick.

His unpleasant appearance caused some locals to throw stones at this poor soul as they banished him ugly & smelly.

When Amy eventually found Gatou, he just lay down in front of her totally exhausted. He was dehydrated, malnourished & extremely weak and had no energy. Amy managed to get him to a vet where he has been diagnosed with Demodicosis causing painful inflamed skin. He also has low blood platelets and of course blood parasites.

The vet says Gatou is likely a Golden Retriever Mix or similar long haired breed. But at present he is totally unrecognisable.

Funds are desperately needed so that Amy can ensure Gatou receives the care he needs to recover. Our hope is that Gatou will make a full recovery and become an adorable, happy dog who one day soon will make an ideal adoption candidate and find a loving family.

Poor Gatou was so week he just lay down & let Amy help him.

The vet says Gatou is a Golden Retriever Mix or similar breed.

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