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Ginger found almost starved to death


This poor girl (now called Ginger) was found abandoned in a locked concrete yard in Hua Hin, Thailand with no food or water. We are not sure how long she’d been there, but from the dreadful state she was found in, probably a few weeks.

Thai rescuer (Khun Neung) was alerted to this case and started feeding Ginger over the fence. Ginger was scared but Khun Neung soon gained her trust and today managed to pull her out of the yard through a small hole in the fence.

Ginger has been taken to the vet by Hua Hin Dog Rescuer – Jane Key. This poor soul has Blood Parasites, Anaemia, Liver and Kidney damage from lack of water. She has a long way to go but the vet is hopeful of her making a full recovery.

Jane has asked for our help to treat Ginger and make her well again. Hopefully a home can be found for Ginger once she’s well again.

Any DONATION will help Ginger. Please DONATE to help this girl recover if you can.

Ginger found in a concrete yard in Hua Hin, with no food or water. Almost starved to death she’s been there for weeks.

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