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HELP COMPLETE A SHADE STRUCTURE & WATER PIPES for the dogs of Habiba Shelter in Giza, Egypt.

The Habiba Animal Shelter in Giza, Egypt are desperately asking for YOUR HELP. They are in the process of trying desperately to build a shade structure for the dogs and provide water in the shelter, but do not have enough donations to complete the project.

The weather in Giza can be scorching hot in Summer up into the 40 degrees celcius and above. The dogs struggle in these temperatures and this shade structure is needed so that at least the dogs have a little protection from the hot sun. The shelter only has 6 kennels so not enough to house all the dogs.

This shelter is home to 55 dogs & 60 cats. They only have water  in one area of the shelter. They need to install 3 more water pipes so there is access to water in other parts of the shelter for drinking and washing the dogs.. 6 Drains also need to be installed so that when the dogs are bathed with special tick shampoo, the water drains away. At the moment, the water leaves puddles and if the dogs drink it, they are at risk of poisoning through the tick shampoo.

These things are “basic” but so important to the health and safety of the dogs that call the Habiba Shelter home.

Please help with a donation if you can. They will be so grateful. If the goal is reached they will send us photos of the new structure & water pipes/drains etc that your donations achieve.   This video shows the open area needing the shade and water.

Thank you everyone.

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