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Coco is a 6-year-old male dog who lives alongside a busy road in Thailand.  He is suffering from a severe case of Chronic Bronchitis.

Two lovely women have been caring for Coco since Oct 2016 when they had him sterilized, vaccinated, treated for blood parasites and fed daily on the street.  He is one of the 40 street dogs they feed daily in their neighborhood.

Suddenly, a few weeks ago, when they did their daily feeding round, Coco was struggling to breathe and was in obvious pain.  Their vet diagnosed him with a severe case of pneumonia and put poor Coco on immediate treatment.  After a few days, there was not improvement.  A return vet visit resulted in a 2 week stay!  During his stay, the vet discovered a Hypertension issue.  Coco returned to the streets where they continued to visit ad treat him daily.  It became evident that he had to go to a specialist as his breathing quickly became worse.


The specialist spent 9 solid hours taking several tests, including x-ray, echo-cardiogram and blood tests.  This confirmed that he did not have pneumonia or hypertension at all – HE HAS SEVERE CHRONIC BRONCHITIS.  Oxygen supply plus nebulizer along with bronchodilator for 2 hours relived him immediately.

He will now have to be fostered by these two lovely ladies as he needs medication multiple times a day.  While he is breathing much easier, he might need this medication for the rest of his life and needs your help.  His recent bet bills and medication has run $575 USD (20,200 THB) so far with an estimated $300 USD every six months for his medication and check-ups.

Please help this small rescue with Coco’s bills so they can continue helping they street animals in their area.


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