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The inseparable railway dogs – Long John Silver & his girlfriend Clementine


Remember Long John Silver & his girlfriend Clementine? Long John was found at Amritsar Railway Station in India by K9Aid’s Cindy & Derek with his leg hacked off. People were just stepping over this poor boy, blind to his suffering.

After many messages and phone calls we were finally able to get someone to go & rescue Long John, but he would not leave the railway station without his girlfriend Clemetine! So without hesitation, both dogs were rescued together and taken to foster care with Inder Sandhu amd Tina Nieri where they have spent the last few months.

Long John & Clementine have turned out to be the most funny, loving dogs and they are so enjoying life without having to struggle to survive on the streets of India. But their foster time in India is coming to an end as they have a wonderful opportunity to travel to the UK & find a wonderful home!!!

Both doggies are due to fly to England in early August! Funds desperately need to be raised to pay for their incredible journey to a new life. We really hope K9Aid supports can raise half the amount needed for their flight costs ($800). The  remaining $800 will be raised locally in the UK. 

Please help with a donation if you can. Long John & Clementine will be forever grateful to K9Aid supporters for changing their lives & allowing them to experience a loving home in the UK.

Thank you x

Clementine enjoying the safety and comfort of her foster home in India with Inder. She is a beautiful gentle soul that will love a permanent home in the UK!

Long John Silver – the dog that started this! No longer suffering & desperate to find a family of his own in the UK.

Shortly after their rescue from Amritsar Railway station in India.


The fateful day Long John was rescued by Inder at the railway station

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