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Jacky when first found bashed on the streets


This horrific bashing of a street puppy was reported in a small town in Cebu, The Philippines just a few days ago has left us shocked & horrified.

Little Jacky was beaten by an old man who apparently was bitten by another dog and took his drunken rage out on jacky, who was quietly sleeping nearby.

He beat this puppy so hard around her body and on her head that her eye popped out of its socket. Jacky also has internal injuries and trauma to her skull. It is too early to tell the full extent of the damage, however the vet has removed her eye which could not be saved.

Gretel Eleazar who is an amazing animal advocate flew to the area where jacky is and is helping with her recovery. Jacky is not wanting to eat at present so we are all hoping and praying she will make it.

Jacky’s vet bills need to be paid. She also needs good nutritious food as she is suffering malnuitrition and has lost her hair. Vitamins are needed to build her immune system.

The lady who rescued Jacky has kindly offered to foster her.

Please help Jacky with a donation however small and please send get well wishes to this poor baby. Both her body and sould need to heal.  Thank you x

Jacky at the vet, having had her eye removed. Her condition is still very serious and she is not eating.


This poor baby needs your help. Please donate if you can. Thank you x

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