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Left: Joy, Middle: Ringo, Right: Choco


A few months ago they were just 3 Greek shelter dogs on the island of Syros with virtually no hope & no future. But thanks to a wonderful Rescue who has come forward to help them, they now have a wonderful opportunity to find new homes in Europe!

All 3 of these beautiful dogs will be go into the Rescue’s wonderful private foster home program, where they will experience living with a family and get ready for their forever homes!

Joy, Ringo & Choco were all abandoned on the Greek Island of Syros and ended up in their government shelter. They are all super friendly and loving souls who deserve so much better!

There is transport arranged for them on October 16th and we need to ensure that each and everyone of them is able to make the journey. YOUR donations will change their lives for the better for ever!

Please, please give a little donation so that their $700 goal is reached. It’s vital this goal is reached by October 16th!

Thank you x

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