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July and her sister June were dumped at a temple Hua Hin, Thailand over a year ago. For the past few months July has been salivating excessively , has a stench coming from her mouth and has great difficulty eating as well as swallowing. She has subsequently lost a lot of weight and is dehydrated.

Local rescuer, Josette Fischer have taken her to several different local vets but a diagnoses could not be made.  So, unfortunately, her condition worsened

In desperation Josette took July back to Kasetsart Hospital, which is the best in the area. This time they established that she has a small mass under her tongue and a lot of swelling.  Josette now must take her for daily injections of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antacids, vitamins and a daily saline drip.

This poor street dog is now at Josette’s house, waiting for her next appointmentto see if  the swelling has reduced & if the mass is malignant. July  has shown a slight improvement only in that she wants to eat, the awful smell from her mouth has gone, but she is still painfully thin.

She is such a patient good girl & never makes a sound when they stick all those needles into her.  Let’s reward her by getting her healthy again.

Thank you for helping July . xx

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