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This adorable little girl is Kelly. She was rescued by Amy Nutsati in Bangkok a few weeks ago. She is the sweetest little dog imaginable & has experienced so much suffering.

Kelly was horribly abused. When she was pregnant, her owner continually kicked her every single day after he came home drunk. It’s a wonder this tiny girl survived and we can only imagine what an horrific life she had.

A neighbour witnessed this terrible abuse and decided to take Kelly away from her owner. The neighbour succeeded in rescuing Kelly, but then locked her up in a small cage all day, even though she said she loved and wanted to help her! (see video)

This is when Bangok rescuer Amy Nutsati stepped in. After several failed attempts to rescue Kelly from this 2nd owner, Amy finally succeeded. When Amy eventually reached Kelly she was suffering from severe skin problems and was covered in ticks & fleas. She had fungal infections and her eyes were dry & sore. All Kelly wanted was someone to love and care for her.

Kelly is now in Amy’s care and the most wonderful news of all is that our partners LIFE Animal Rescue in Los Angeles have agreed to find Kelly a FOREVER HOME!

There are veterinary bills to pay for Kelly and flight costs, so YOUR HELP is once again desperately needed.

YOUR DONATIONS will mean Kelly has a new life ahead of her and she will no longer endure pain or suffering. She so deserves to enjoy a happy, healthy

Please help with a donation if you can, however small – to help this tiny girl.

Thank you x

Kelly now in Amy’s care

Kelly shortly after her rescue by Amy

This tiny girl had been horribly abused.

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