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Elderly “Lady” needs 8 more weeks of treatment in order to heal…

Lady has lived her long life on the streets in Pang-Nga, Thailand.   Years ago a local woman started to feed Lady and she started to wait day after day at the fence of the woman’s home for her meals.  Life is tough for a rural village dog, even those that are lucky enough to get food.  It’s part of their culture to not allow pets into their home and they do not receive medical care.  Lady has never been vaccinated, received flea or tick medicine or been has been sterilized.  This woman loves Lady, but she is extremely poor and sharing her meals is the most she can provide.

Lady developed a huge TVT tumor that must have developed quite a while ago.  Locals finally noticed it when it became so large and they wanted to have her euthanized.  Thankfully a teen in the village knew of Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutsati and sent her photos as soon as she heard of this.

Amy asked the “owner” if she could take Lady to Bangkok to receive care but the woman would only allow Lady to be taken to a vet close to her rural town.  Lady has now been admitted to a vet hospital close by and the woman would like her to be returned once the tumor is gone.

She just received her 4th chemo shot last week and her tumor is already shrinking.  She is also on a medication regimen for her blood parasites and cataracts which are in both eyes.  She is looking healthier and acting much happier.  However she needs to receive 8 more weeks of chemo therapy and to be spayed after she is cancer free.

Please help with her 8 additional weeks of boarding and medical treatments to get this old Lady healthy once again.

Thank you.


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