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Remember poor Lang who we raised funds for last month?

Lang is a street dog hit by a car in Hua Hin, Thailand. He’d spent his life being looked after by a security guard at a factory, but the guard left his job and poor Lang was left behind.

Then he was hit by a car and the impact broke his neck and his leg. No-one found him for hours and he lay there in terrible pain unable to move.

We raised funds to help with his surgery to repair the breaks. He has come through the surgery and is no longer in pain. However, he’s not able to move much and we’re hoping the aid of a 4-wheel wheelchair, that he will regain movement and one day be able to walk unassisted again.

The cost of this wheelchair including shipping is just $260 USD.  Can you please make a donation to help get Lang this much-needed physio aid?   He will be able to move around, toughen his remaining functional limbs, and fight the other signs of deterioration by improving his overall health.

There is also the emotional health aspect. Being unable to move around and feeling helpless, especially for a once highly active dog is mentally debilitating.  We’re hoping by giving Lang a chance to walk, run, play and socialize it will do wonders for his attitude and outlook, which in turn will reflect on his physical well-being as well.

Local rescuer Jane Key is visiting Lang regularly and we will keep you posted with his progress. Please give a little bit however small if you can. Lang also needs your get well wishes!


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