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Lucky’s life hangs in the balance and you can make the difference…

Lucky earned her name because earlier this year she was found on a golf course in Hua Hin, Thailand with part of  her tongue cut out. She was in terrible pain and unable to eat or drink.

With lots of loving care from the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand,  Lucky recovered from her injuries and learned how to eat and drink again. Then living up to her name, someone fell in love with this dear girl and wanted to adopt her! Lucky was patiently waiting to go to her forever home in Singapore which takes several months of paperwork and blood tests.

However during Lucky’s waiting time in Bangkok, a large cyst has been found on her neck and she has quickly deteriorated.

She was urgently admitted preparation for surgery to remove this cyst but the veterinary hospital has require payment in advance. The total medical cost to save Lucky is estimated at 1,050 USD.  So K9Aid and other groups are hoping to raise the money for Lucky’s surgery to remove the large cyst which is causing her so much pain. & threatening her life once again.

Lucky is one of those dogs who has gone through so much and has not let it dampen her spirits. She has touched so many lives with her tenacity and deserves the best chance possible to live a happy life.

Any donations towards Lucky’s lifesaving surgery will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    • Joanne

      Thank you to all of Lucky’s sponsors. She’s an amazing girl and deserves this chance!!

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