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Mee-Dum when found. He’d laid there paralysed for weeks.


This story really breaks our hearts. This poor dog “Mee-Dum” was hit by a car in Kanchanaburi (200kms from Bangkok, Thailand). After the accident, Mee-Dum’s owner just left him to die. He was unable to move and was given no food or water. This poor baby cried out for constantly for someone to help him, but no-one came.

He lay there for weeks until a neighbour heard his crying, brought him food and water and took him to a vet where xrays shows that his spine had been broken and left untreated for too long, so he will never walk again. He is now paralysed from the neck down.

Mee-Dum is also coverd in big pressure sores from laying in the same position for so long. Through all this pain and suffering he cried for help.but the owner ignored his cries and has not looked at him again since, not even a glance.

The neighbour who saved Mee-Dum posted photos on facebook and Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutsati has come to his aid. Amy says she could not resist the eyes of such a “fighter”.

Amy says… “Mee-Dum (black bear) is now at my regular vet hospital. The prognosis shows that the spine cannot be restored. He will not be able to use his hind legs and bottom. However, he will be able to use his front legs if daily physical therapy is arranged for him. I will do that and I believe he will be able to move and use a wheelchair soon. Mee-Dum will be move to a dog hotel close to the vet hospital and get all care he needs there.”

We hope our donors will help Mee-Dum regain some quality of life again.

Thank you everyone x

The eyes of a fighter… Mee-Dum when rescued


Finally a pet taxi arrived to transport Mee-Dum to Bangkok. Thanks to Amy Nutsati.

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