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Greek Rescuer – Linda Van Der Riet has offered to take this poor dog into her care. We’d like to raise $300 to help Linda care for Merdi. Here is his story…

Is so sad that some people choose to treat animals like this! This poor dog used to live as a stray in a village of Karditsa-Greece. The dog went missing for a couple of weeks and returned to the village in this condition!

Merdi (as he’s now been called) had a wire tide tightly around his neck which sliced his skin very deeply. The pain he endured must have been immense and the skin was rotting and it smelled very bad.

We assume someone tried to keep Merdi tied with a wire and when he saw the extent of the injury made by the wire, he realeased the dog so it would not die at his house. so so sad…

When found by local rescuers, they were all in tears as they drove him to the nearest vet. As he was examined the rescuers hands were trembling and the stench of rotten skin was burning their nose.

We want to thank the vet Antonis Limperis who opened his clinic on Saturday evening to help Merdi.

Once Merdi is released from hospital, he will be going to Linda Van Der Riet’s sanctuary to recuperate. Linda cares for so many animals and struggles greatly with the costs involved.

Please donate a little towards Merdi’s care if you can.

Thank you x



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