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Mom was found with a hugely infected snake bite just in time…

Mom is a male dog that was dumped at a temple in Pattaya Thailand along with his brother, when they were just 4 months old.   The larger dogs would pick on Mom and his brother so they mostly hid in the bushes.  A few weeks ago he was discovered with this huge wound in his chest by local rescuer Josie Hunt who rushed him to the local veterinary clinic. This poor boy had been bitten by a snake and the wound had become severely infected, eating away his flesh.

At the veterinary hospital, Mom’s  wound was cleaned and all the infected skin cut away.  The problem however is that the wound is so large, it is unable to be closed until enough skin grows back to cover it properly.  This will take weeks in the clinic with daily bandage changes and observation, so that the skin can regenerate and the wound finally able to be sealed.

Your donation will pay for the mounting medical expenses to help Mom recover. Please donate if you can, every small donation will help this poor boy.

Mom, prior to the snake bite.

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