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Momo when found

People passed by poor Momo who couldn’t move with 2 broken legs for many days.  Choosing to ignore her cries for help at just 4 months old she would have quickly died without food or water.

This happened about 40 kms outside of Hua Hin Thailand and thankfully she was finally spotted by a caring person who brought her to rescuer Jane Key.  She was rushed to Kasetsart Hospital where they have operated on her hind leg by inserting a pin.  This pin will have to be removed and replaced as she grows.  Her front leg has no feeling in it and she’s being treated with anti-inflammatory drugs hoping that the feeling will return.  If not, it will have to be amputated.

This is going to be a long and extremely expensive road to go down for a homeless puppy, but if we all rally together we can get her the help she needs and deserves.  Jane reports that she is just the sweetest most loving puppy already showing how grateful she is to be shown love and compassion.

Please consider donating a little to help little Momo . Thank you x

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