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In a small village within the Prathunthani Province of Thailand, a mother dog was suffering day after day…

Bangkok Rescuer Khun Surakit received a phone call from someone asking for help with rescuing a mother street dog.  She had been spotted with a cable that was tied around her body underneath her arm.  Locals said that they have seen her this way for over a month.  With each step she took, it would cut further and further into her skin.  She had to walk in order to search for food and her 3 pups.  We can only imagine what pain this sweet girl was in.

Khun Surakit was able to capture her and rushed her to the local veterinary hospital where they carefully removed the cable and ran blood tests.  Her blood test showed a high level of infection and her wound will need to remain in the clinic for 3-4 weeks for daily wound cleaning allowing it to close.  She will also need a strong antibiotic to treat her blood infection. YOUR DONATIONS are desperately needed to pay for her life saving treatment.

Her 3 puppies have been placed in a foster home and permanent homes will hopefully be found.

Please help if you can with a donation towards “Mother”‘s treatment. Thank you x



Here are her 3 puppies…

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