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Left: Mr Happy arriving at th shelter with 5000 dogs after being captured on the streeets.


These 2 Thai street dogs have a LAST MINUTE OPPORTUNITY to fly to our partners LIFE Animal Rescue this Friday 17th March! This is an urgent fundraiser to raise just $300 to pay for their flights from Bangkok to Los Angeles with a flight volunteer. 

Mr Happy earned his name as he just adores all people and all dogs!! He was located in a shelter in Northern Thailand which is home to 5,000 dogs. Dogs are rounded up off the streets and dumped here, you can see Mr Happy when he first arrived at this shelter in the cage (top left).

Mr Happy will travel with a 4 month old puppy called “Shuffle” – a street puppy from Chiang Mai.

This is the most wonderful opportunity for you to change the lives of these 2 Thai street dogs and allow them to find a loving forever home in LA.

The flight is just 3 days away, so please give a little if you can – YOUR DONATION WILL CHANGE THEIR LIVES!

Thank you x

“Shuffle” from Chiang Mai, a 4 months old street pup also has the chance to fly to LA with Mr Happy!

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