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Paris finally at the vet clinic in Songkhla being treated for TVT


This case comes to us from dog rescuer Tamara Johnston in Songkhla Thailand.

This poor girl was spotted wandering the streets of a town called Ranot. She has a severe case of TVT (Canine Transmissable Venereal Tumor). This type of cancer is treatable with chemotherapy and has very good results. But without treatment the tumor grows and eventually the dog will die.

Tamara was determined to find this girl and try to save her life. After 12 hours of driving, searching telephone calles, waiting and treating, finally Tamara found her. She has been transported back to Songkhla for treatment. Here she can receive visits and care from Tamara whilst undergoing her chemotherapy.

Tamara has named her Paris. Tonight Paris was shaved, bathed and given her first found of chemotherapy. The cancer has also spread to her nose and mouth.

The cost of chemotherapy and vet care for Paris is estimated at US$500. This fundraiser is to allow Tamara to pay for Paris’s treatment, get her well again and ultimately find her a loving home.

Without the dedication of local rescuers like Tamara, dogs like Paris would die painful deaths on the street. Please give all you can afford to help Paris recover. We will bring you updates from Tamara on Paris’s recovery.

You can read more about TVT on our K9Aid website here:



TVT Venereal Cancer. It responds well to chemo but if left untreated the dog will die.

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