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Ranjuan looks happy and healthy, but she’s unable to walk…

This adorable girl “Ranjun” was found 9 years ago on the streets of Bang Saphan Thailand with a wound on her back swarming with maggots, after being hit by a motorbike.  Thankfully, she was rescued by Verity from Headrock Dogs Rescue, who rushed her to a local vet.  She suffered a cracked vertebra and the wound on her back took years to heal completely. So during these past 9 years she’s lived at the Headrock Rescue Center.

Then last year Ranjuan was adopted locally, but the adopters  returned her to Headrock as she was so unhappy being separated from her 2 best friends at Headrock whom she loved to play with.  So Ranjun’s home remained at Headrock, where she was happiest.

A few months ago Verity found Ranjun dragging a hind leg at play time and rushed her to the vet where it was x-rayed and showed she had hip dysplasia.  A hip luxation operation which involved her femur ball joint being cut off was performed immediately, but sadly this put a lot of pressure on her other leg which quickly became weaker. A month later she couldn’t walk and was dragging herself by her front legs.

There is another operation which is her only hope at ever walking again.  It has been pre-scheduled for next month if we can raise enough funds to help.  The success of this operation cannot be assured, but she deserves this chance.

Please donate today, no amount is too small.

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