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This is what your donation will purchase! Roofing sheets to cover the dog enclosures and protect them from snow & heat!


There is something very special happening at the Maoland shelter in Harsova, Romania. There is an extraordinary effort in place to cover EVERY dog enclosure with metal roofing sheets. Up till now the dogs were exposed to the elements, both freezing snow & extreme heat!

A combined effort between supporters in the UK, Sweden & K9Aid has enabled HALF the shelter to be roofed!.. We could not bear the thought of the remaining enclosures being exposed, so K9Aid have offered to raise the funds to ROOF THE REMAINING HALF OF THE DOG ENCLOSURES!

This means that EVERY DOG will have a roof over his/her head!

There are 100 sheets to purchase, each one costing US$10. So with just 100 donors each buying 1 sheet, we can raise the $1000 needed to cover all 400 resident dogs!!

K9Aid has supported the Maoland shelter for the past 3 years. It is a very needy but loving shelter run single handedly by an amazing woman – Marinela Pipeara.

Please, please purchase a roofing sheet!! You will improve the lives of every doggy resident.

Thank you. We can do this!!

The Maoland shelter during winter. The dog enclosures are completely exposed.


Shelter owner Marinela Pipeara with her beloved shelter dogs.

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