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Rung in the spot where she was tossed out of the car. She sat here for days waiting for her owner to return

Rung was tossed like trash from a sports car outside a Thai temple…

A witness to this tragedy was unable to get the license plate of the car who threw her out the door, but noticed that this poor dog  sat in that  same spot for days, waiting for her owner to return.

A lady who started feeding Rung, soon noticed that street dogs started bullying this frightened & confused girl.  A month went by and the lady noticed that Rung’s bottom was covered in blood with a large wound.  She therefore posted on Facebook for help.

Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutsati saw the plea for help and sent a pet taxi to bring Rung to her vet in Bangkok.  It took the pet taxi driver a couple of hours to find her as she was hiding from the dogs she was scared of.  But the driver eventually found her hiding place which was near the spot she’d been dumped. Rung was still waiting for her owner to return.

Rung’s prognosis is that she suffers from TVT or a large Transmissible Venereal Tumor which can be cured with 8-10 chemo treatment sessions.  She is also suffering from blood parasites that will need several weeks of antibiotics to treat.

We’re hoping to raise enough to pay for her physical ailments and Amy hopes to heal her broken heart eventually finding her a loving and forever home.

Please donate today, no amount is too small.

Thank you.

Rung’s TVT Tumor which needs urgent chemo treatment to cure it. She needs your help to re-gain her health whilst Amy tries to heal her heart.

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