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Star lay in agony for several day until this kind Thai lady found him & phoned Jane for help.


This beautiful dog now named Star was found by the side of the road in Bang Sapaan 200 miles from Hua Hin, Thailand. The poor soul had been hit by a car and lay there for several days in terrible pain with maggot infested wounds, unable to move & without food or water. He must have thought he was going to die there in the dirt in agony.

The following day a kind Thai lady found Star and phoned the only local dog rescuer she knew – Jane Key from Hua Hin & asked for her help. Jane quickly contacted Verity of Headrock dogs Rescue (who are located in Bang Sapaan) to see if they could locate Star & help him. Verity & Thep quickly found Star and took him to their local vet.

Bang Sapaan is a remote area and sadly the only local vet has very limited resources so could not help apart from administer painkillers. Star’s condition was very serious & needed specialised treatment. So Jane quickly organised for some of her doggie loving Thai friends to pick Star up from Headrock and drive Star 300 miles to Hua Hin! Here he would be able to receive the proper treatment he desperately needed.

On arrival in Hua Hin, Star was admitted to the Kasetstart University Hospital where they diagnosed a broken pelvis and a broken spine. Both can be repaired but he will never be 100%.

He is a dear little dog who deserves a chance. He is so brave and in a lot of pain. The operations will likely cost around 38000 baht which is around US$1000.

We hope that K9Aid supporters will help Star and try to raise $800 to pay the largest portion of his operation.

Please SHARE Star’s story and help with a donation if you can. Thank you x

Thep from Headrock Dogs Rescue picking up Star and taking him to the local vet

Star’s broken Pelvis & spine.

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