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The horrific wound on Soldier’s neck where we believe someone cut him with a knife intending to skin him alive and eat him. Photo on right is a couple of weeks later as you can see it’s healing nicely.


This 4 week old puppy was found on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand staggering around disorientated & starving. A huge part of the skin from his neck was completedly riipped off and we have no idea how this happened… we can only guess.

Thankfully the puppy (now called Soldier) was found by a local rescuer – Louise Berner and she took him immediately to a local clinic. The vet says the wound was made with a sharp knife & Soldier has probably escaped from being KILLED, SKINNED ALIVE & EATEN. We can only imagine the excrutiating pain & suffering experienced by this baby & now it’s our turn to help him!

Soldier needs wound cleaning every 2nd day and is being treated with strong antibiotics and inflammatory medication. Louise refused to leave him at the clinic as he was scared & needed someone he could trust to care for him.

In the few weeks Louise has cared for Solier he’s gained 2kgs and the wound is healing well (as seen in photos). Soldier also has some issues with the bones in his leg, probably either genetic or caused by lack of mothers milk when he was born.

Living on the streets, Soldier’s horrific wound would have become infected and he would have died a painful death. We cannot thank Louise enough for her compassion & determination to make this puppy well again – both in body & soul. Louise says when Soldier is fully recovered she will try to find him the perfect home.

Your help is needed so that the vet bills and medication for Soldier can be paid. This will ensure Louise can rescue the next dog that comes along and continue caring for the dogs & puppies of Pattaya.

Thank you .

Soldier’s wound today. The skin is closing and thanks to Louise’s care & treament it has remained uninfected.


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