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SOPHIE’S TRAGIC LIFE… she was dumped at a Temple & repeatedly beaten for a year until a chance meeting with local Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutsati…

Dog Rescuer – Amy Nutsati  stopped at a Temple to feed the homeless street dogs, as she does regularly.  She spotted sweet Sophie who really wanted to approach for food and/or affection, but she was chased off by the more dominant dogs, as often happens to those dogs dumped at temples who were once owned & part of a family. Sadly, they do not know how to fend for themselves.

So Amy asked around the area and discovered Sophie  was dumped at the temple a little over a year ago. She also learned that  not only do the more dominant dogs constanty bully her, but she was repeatedly beaten by a local homeless man with alcohol/drug dependency issues.  Apparently, he lured her with food and then hit her over and over, sickeningly finding enjoyment from his actions.

Thankfully, due to this chance meeting and Amy’s huge heart, Sophie is now safe.  She has been taken to a vet clinic in Bangkok where the vet confirmed that her shaking leg is not from an accident, but by being repeatedly hit and that has caused chronic pain which gradually causes muscular atrophy. She was also diagnosed with blood parasites and multiple sings of a kidney problem.

Sophie’s muscular atrophy cannot be cured. Fortunately, she can walk and her other physical issues can be managed with the proper care.  However, it will take quite a while for her spirit to heal and to start to trust humans again.  Let’s not let her down…

Your donations wil pay for Sophies medical fees, food & foster care.  Amy wil ensure she never has to suffer again.

Every dollar counts so please donate today to hep Sophie heal.

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