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This appalling story comes to us from the Maoland Shelter in Harsova, Romania.

Shelter owner – Marinela Pipeara rescued this poor boy whom she found at the roadside in a nearby village. He was covered in blood and had many marks on his body and wire around his neck which had dug into his skin.

We don’t know exactly what evil someone had planned for this poor dog, maybe torturing and killing him!

“Big Guy” as he’s been nicknamed is around 4 to 5 years old and is positive to heartworm, severely malnourished, dehydrated & he has loads of holes and markes in his skin and maggots too. He has suffered a lot!

His bloodtests aren’t good either. He has a blood infection, heartworm and babesia.

The good news is that a Saint Bernard Rescue in the UK has offered to rehome him as soon as he’s healthy enough to travel.

Maoland Shelter survives solely on donations and the funds needed to treat “Big Guy” are beyond their means. So we’re hoping our donors can help raise $400 to help pay for Big Guy’s Heartworm Treatment & a little towards his flight to the UK when he’s well again.

Please donate a little if you can. Thank you x


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