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Sugar’s jail cell in Bali when Sherin first saw her.


This dear little girl was recently rescued from a tiny, putrid cage in Bali by rescuer – Sherin Peace (formerly of Doggie Heaven Phuket).

This sweet gentle soul had been used for breeding & was discovered in horrific conditions at the back of a Balinese furniture store.. But that’s wasn’t the end of Sugar’s suffering – after finally being released into Sherin’s care, she had a “time bomb” inside her abdomen which almost claimed her life.

Sugar’s story is long & sad, but beautifully expressed by Sherin & comes straight from the heart. Please take a little while to read the full story of Sugar on the link below. It will invoke many emotions & guaranteed to make you cry. But there is a very happy ending, so please read this amazing rescue story & if you can, give a little donation.

Without Sherin, Sugar would have undoubtedly died an horrific, painful death in agony within her tiny cage.

READ SUGAR’S STORY BELOW & PLEASE DONATE to help with her surgery and treatment.

Thank you x

Sugar’s rescue was an horrific ordeal over 8 long months. The pain & suffering for this little baby was extreme.

PLEASE READ THIS AMAZING STORY…Remembering this story takes place in Bali, Indonesia where the temps average 32degrees C / 82degrees F & very humid & the most criminal thing about these poor animals & there living conditions in that there is no roof on their cage, so during the day when its blazing hot sun they need to brave these temperatures & when its the rainy season ( Dec- April ) They have to suffer the rains.


This little darling pictured below has had a tough life from what I can work out. In May last year my family & I decided to move to Bali, Indonesia & upon arrival & moving into our new home we needed a few pieces of furniture. One day while I was out innocently shopping I heard some horrific doggy in distress noises coming from the back of this large furniture shop.

Me being me, (I hate to hear or see animals in distress) I wandered down towards where I heard this crying coming from. Pushing through large heavy furtinture the crying was getting louder as I approached the back of the shop & all of a sudden there in front of me was a ghastly sight. Two very cute dogs that looked skinny & uncared for caged in a small 3×4 foot metal cage that resembled a jail like cell with rusty bars.

One of Sherin’s many visits to Sugar and her boyfriend at the furniture store

They jumped around & seemed very happy to see someone come to pay them some attention, their feet & lower half of there bodies were all covered in pooh & the stench was unbearable. What made me even more shocked was the sight of these 2 other wild looking creatures that were caged on top of the dogs. They both just cowered in the corner of their disgusting cage as the dogs went crazy, barking uncontrollably & scratching at the bars to get a lick of my hand as I crouched down beside them.

My initial reaction was “oh my god I want to let them out ” but I was unsure if they might take off if I opened the door – after thinking for a moment I came up with a plan.

Their food dish & water saucepan were green with mould & slime & the water all murky. So my plan was to run back to the car outside where I had a supply of canned dog food . I was pretty sure this would go down a treat & the dogs would think they had died & gone to heaven to have a decent meal, – but i wasn’t sure about these other 2 animals in the upstairs cage – but i figured lets give it a try.

Much to the dogs upset, i took off back to the car- just outside the shop- slipped 3 cans of jelly meat into a plastic shopping bag (so it didn’t look so obvious to the shop assistant, if i happened to bang into her on the way into the shop again ) & headed straight back towards the barking pooches, who were really barking loudly by this stage.

Once I was there i hunted around for stick or something to help ease this jellymeat out of the cans & started to talk to the dogs & tell them what i was going to do, as i opened the cans & emptied them on to the concrete beside the cage the commotion got louder & i became afraid this raise in barking might arouse someone to come over & see what was going on, i hesitantly opened the door to their cage & they both just quivered at the door, looking eagerly at the food, but unsure whether to come out ?

Wow.. i thought they would have both been out that door in a flash, I bobbed down & let them sniff my hand & then the white guy (the bigger ) dashed out of the cage & launched towards the food & started gobbling as fast as he could & as i tried my hardest to lure the little black & white one out. She was very shy & backed into the corner of the cage. By this stage both cans of jellymeat were gone on the ground & this cute dog was doing zoomeis all around the area & thank god kept coming back to have a quick sniff & an occasional lick of my hand & off again, seemingly excited to be free?

Althought i was having minor heart failure that he might take off, my mind was more focused on how i could get this other little timid one some food. She didn’t seem to feel comfortable coming out of the cage & there was no way i was putting this can directly on the floor of this nasty cage. Maybe I could grab one of the dirty bowls & find some water to give it a bit of a clean up?

Sure enought there was a hose close by & after using a few big leaves off a nearly by tree I scrubbed off the green slim in the saucepan & filled it with fresh water & the white dog rushed over & drunk nearly half the bowl, he was so thirsty & it felt great to give him a much needed drink of clean water.

After cleaning the other bowl of its caked on crispy rice & bugs I scooped the remaining can of jellymeat onto the plate & popped in inside the cage for the timid one. She just gave it a sniff & backed away, it was about then that i took a look at these wild cats on the top deck & wondered if they might eat jelly meat ( as this is all i had to offer) & they scoffed up every piece i threw thru the bars.

By this stage the white dog had been out of his cage for a good five mins & he had peeped on everything in sight, had a giant pooh ( that was covered in worms ) & slowed down enough to come over & join me for a cuddle – oh what a smelly wee sweetie he was !!

I popped him back in his cage & placed the water bowl, with fresh water back in the cage & the little black & white dog golbbed down her fair share of this fresh water, showing me they were both very thirsty & really appreciated some liquids in this very hot tropical weather.

I Locked the cage door, with the help of a man who had arrived & was watching my every move & thought maybe it was time to head out, but my heart was tearing apart with sadness for these creatures so I opened the lower cage door again in the hope that I could persuade the smaller ( B&W dog ) to come out of this horrid cage, so I could give a much needed cuddle.

Sure enough the boy was out of the cage again quick as a flash racing around & the other one come close enough to the door for me to grab her by the neck & pried her out & held her in my arms, she was stiff as a board & quivering in terror, as I took her over to one of the chairs & sat with her in my arms for a while, she clinched on to my arm as if she wasn’t going to let go & her body just trembled & it was then that i knew i needed to find a way to get her out of this place, she was not happy & i knew i wanted to give her a better life.

Although she smelled really bad & was covered in pooh dags hanging off her butt i held her close & she wouldn’t let me go either & i decided to take a walk around & see if i could find the owner of these animals?

I came across the shop assistant who didn’t speak much english & me not much Bahasa either – but somehow we understood each other enough for her to call over the shop owner- a gentleman called, Made & in our broken english he told me that these dogs were a gift given to him many years ago & he kept them in the cage because he was worried they might run away & that they are boyfriend & girlfriend & make babies for him & he makes a lot of money from selling the babies.

I was saddened by this, as i could feel how sad & unhappy this little dog was when i held her in my arms & how much she loved being cuddled & held close – but as he said, he didn’t let them out much cause he was busy with his work & couldn’t give them his time.

Anyway I asked if I could stay & comfort her for a bit longer & he took off back to his work & this little darling & I enjoyed a long cuddle time together & as I held her close & stroked her she started to slightly relax, I noticed her toenails were so long ( about 1 inch long ) & beacause they had not been cut in a long time & she never had a chance to walk around & wear them down, they were getting tangled around her matted coat & pooh dags hanging off her backside, oh how I wished i had a pair of nail clippers or scissors with me to relieve her of some of this muck & pain these curled up toenails must have been causing her.

Eventually Wayen came back to see us & i was still sitting there giving her a cuddle & her boyfriend was really enjoying the freedom of streching his legs & running around at his free will, but she was quite happy to sit on my knee & be held close.

In my messy Bahasa I attempted to ask Wayen if he would let me take her out for a haircut or groom & give her a bath & cut her toe nails that were really way to long & he understood well & said “ Oh don’t worry, I will take them for a haircut & wash sometime when im not so busy” of course I wasn’t sure how to answer to this, other than asking if I could come back & visit them later in the week, & it was then that I asked what sort of animals the other 2 wild beasts werel & he replied they are Luwaks & they like Bananas & I keep them there so no one can catch them & eat them – cause the locals like to make satay from them.

Then he disappeared off again &I popped this adorable little lady back in her cage & explained that I would be back to visit her again & that I secretly had a plan to get her out of this place that she was being held captive & see that she gets a better life.

As i sat in my car outside the shop i cried to myself & felt a great sense of responsibility to somehow work a way to get all 4 of these animals released from this hell hole.

3 days passed & I couldn’t get these poor little animals out of my head, so i loaded up the car with an extra special chicken meal that i cooked up & some jelly meat as a back up & a bunch of baby bananas for the Luwaks ( who by this stage i had done some research on & found out they are nocturnal animals who prefer to hide away from the daylight & come out to forage at night ) & as you can see this cage theres no where for them to hide from the bright sun & no roof on the cage for shelter, so they are forced to endure the 30 degrees temps of Bali on a daily basis & have no where to hide away & sleep, lead alone getting the right nutrition.

This whole situation saddened me a lot & I was starting to feel weepy before I even arrived at the shop, but I put on my brave face & walked in & I could hear some crying & whining down the back already, the same that I heard the 1 st time I came here, & as I poked my head around the corner & the dogs saw me they started to get very excited, but today there was a man hovering around close by as i approached the cage & as i bobbed down to let them sniff me thru the bars this gentleman grabbed the running hose close by & rushed towards the cage aiming the hose thru the bars & towards the dogs & cause of the lack of space to hide they just got splattered with the shit & cold water saturated both of them as they attempted to cower away from the water, without thinking i grabbed the hose off the man & started yelling abuse at him & he slunk off somewhere & i didnt see him again & the dogs & Luwaks did their best to shake themselves dry & quivered in the corner looking like drowned rats.

I raced back to my car & grabbed a old towel I had in there & came straight back & opened the door & the male ran straight out & had a shake & started sniffing around at my bag of food & I opened up the box of chicken I had prepared & he tucked into it like nobody’s business & the female came to the door opening again & i grabbed her in the towel & sat her on my knee & she ate just a little & kind of turned her nose up at her chicken dinner & it was then that i wondered if there might be something wrong, as when a dog is sick its usually the appetite that goes first & she hasent really been interested in food either time id seen her?

Then it was time to give the Luwaks some bananas which they devoured 3x each in minutes & started fighting over the 4th- but it was great to see them enjoy them so much & then even munched down on some chicken. Then I put the little female down on the ground & she coward under the chair & as I moved away & called her she came to me slowly looking very sheepish & curling her butt & tail under & looking a little strange or pained as she walked, I decided to ignore her for a bit to see what she did & she started to sniff around the area- so quickly I grabbed the hose & did my best to clean out there cage & As i was finishing up Made arrived on the scene & i could tell he was scratching his head a little, as to why one of his furniture shop customers would be hose- in- hand cleaning up the dog cage, I did my best to explain that i really loved animals & especially had a soft spot for his little female dog & i wanted to help her feel better cause i wasn’t sure if she was feeling to happy with life- cause she wasn’t eating both times id come in to feed them ?

I explained that I knew he was a busy man & might not find the time to care for these dogs, but I wanted to offer my help in looking after them as I really like them, Not giving up I told him I would be back in a few more days to bring some more food for them & also my scissors & nail cutters since he hadent taken them in for a groom & he smiled sweetly & told me anytime.

A few more days passed & this little female kept playing havoc on my mind & I knew in my heart I needed to get back there for her, so I loaded up with cooked chicken livers this time,( in the hope of getting her to have a decent meal ) & also my scissors & nail cutters. This time I got a loverly welcome from the otherwise distant staff- today they were all very friendly & it was like I was part of the family, they escorted me in & the dogs were really happy to see me to.

Today I fed the Luwaks first & brought them some bananas, apple & carrots ( which they turned there nose up at ) but they were very happy to get bananas & devoured the lot! Then I let the dogs out & repeated our feeding ritual which was the same each time, the male ate his so quickly he nearly thru up & coughed & the female was not really interested vin the food – & the more this went on the more I realized there was something very wrong with her.

Today I attempted to give her a haircut, just to remove the long overgrown poohey dags around her butt & cut her nails but there was no way she was going to let me touch her toes- this was going to take a bit more bonding with her before she would let me do such a thing, but she laid in my lap for some time & let me snip away at the massive matts around her bum & at this time I thought I noticed her butt or vagina was very wet & what looked like puss coming out of her vagina – but because this area was very overgrown with matted hair it was hard to get a definite sense of if there was a problem or not – it was just me guessing at this stage?

Made was having a massage today so I couldn’t meet with him, but I told the staff I would be back again soon & this feeding ritual went on like this for about 4 months, where I would drive across town every 2-3 days & take them a feast & when ever I saw Wayen I would ask him if he would let me take the female to see the docter as i felt she was not well – especially since she wouldn’t eat & he kept telling me she was ok & was their to make babies & he thought she was happy to do that – but for me i was not giving up- cause i knew she was not happy !

After months & months of this banter backwards & forwards between Made & me & so many trips across town to visit these animals, one day I was sitting with the little female giving her her favorite cuddles & he came up & said “ if you want to take the dog you can, cause she keeps eating her babies “ I was absolutely gobsmacked & couldn’t quite believe what I just heard & I confirmed with him back, that he was ok with me taking her to the docter & taking care of her for the rest of her life at my house & he said “ Yes” …. I told him it felt like Christmas time & thanked him for this wonderful gift & I put her boyfriend back in the cage & a tear came to my eye as I thought that they might never see each other again & I bundled this little smelly darling Into a towel & took her away for the first time to freedom.

The day Sugar was finally handed over to Sherin.

On the way home we got stuck in a major traffic jam & as she sat on my knee & I told her how lucky she was to be free & explained what her new life of freedom was going to be like, she relaxed & allowed me to cut all her toenails without an issue – & once we fought our way thru the traffic & finally got home the fist place I put her down was in the middle of my large beautiful grassy lawn & she instantly purked up her tail & ran around on the grass as if to show me that it was finally great to be able to run normally with short fingernails & not have that dreaded pain of her toes being splayed out at right angels every time she moved & to feel grass under her pads was amazing & I could tell she was very happy to be free.

It felt great to have finally won the battle with Made & to have her free & at my home where I knew I could care for health & give her love everyday & heal her wounds inside & out, but in the same breathe i felt bad for her boyfriend & secretly made a pact with myself that what ever happened i would get him free as well!

After a few days with her I decided to call her “Sugar ” cause shes as sweet as can be, very timid, scared of her own shadow, dislikes Asian men with dark colored skin, but over time i know she will overcome all these issues & make someone a delightful little companion.

Over the past month & a half that shes been in my care she has had many health issues to deal with & the 1st thing I did was have her a full blood count done at the vets & a blood parasite test & it showed up that she has 2 types of blood parasites & was very anemic ( low in iron )

Usually blood parasites cause a loss of appetite & elevated blood levels cause of the infection – so 1st thing was to get her started on a month course of Doxycycline antibiotics & a daily iron supplement to help with the anemia – but sadly the doxy ABO was to strong for her little system & she kept vomiting up the medicine daily – & in Indonesia they don’t stock the more gentle vibravet Antibiotics, so I had to place an add on facebook in plea of anyone flying to Bali from Thailand & luckily I found a loverly couple who were on there way here & they agreed to bring back the drug needed, as my vet in Thailand stocks this … thank goodness for this loverly couple & the wonderful thing they agreed to do for Sugar- I no it was a big ask, from a complete stranger.

Finally we got the much needed ABOs from Phuket & got her started on this month long course which I had hopped would be the end to her heath issues, but as the month passed by & I administered this Vibravet daily i noticed something else strange – she was peeing an awful lot & as i started to pay closer attention to this & shaved her backside & around her vagina i noticed a lot of green puss & blood oozing out when ever she peed & then came some blood curdling screams as she tried to pooh & after several vet visits & close inspection we decided to X-ray her bladder/ uterus & abdomen areas to see what might be going on & although the vet wanted to see her uterus mostly ( as a fear of Pyometra ) the uterus was unable to be seen for the back log of poohs that were clogging up her intestines – there was about 6 large poohs all stuck in her colen.

So it was home from the vets with more meds & laxatives to help loosen everything up & hopefully relive some of this pain she was experiencing, but After a week of laxatives 2x day still nothing was moving & her crying was becoming more & more frequent as she tried to squeeze something out that wasn’t moving, so it was back to the vets again & in for a plastic hose stuck up her butt with hot water & glycerine pumped up there – this is called an enima, not a lot of fun for poor wee Sugar, but a good way to make a giant mess in the car on the way, but at least there was a little relief for her & she purked up a little for that afternoon & I hopped this had fixed the problem, but within hours the next day she was crying again as she curled up into a ball & was trying to squeeze something out & it was back to the vets again for another enima. This time thank god it ozzed out all over the table at the vets & not in my car. Home again to monitor her progress & the situation seemed to get worse she was yelping & screaming all day & more & more often, so I headed back into the vets again ( by this time I was feeling like we should just move in to the vet clinic ) we decided to do another X-ray & blood test to compare with the previous tests earlier on.

The vet sent us home that day loaded up with painkillers for her & told me they would call me in the morning with the blood test results & then we could decide what to do.Then the unforeseen happened, early the next morning her Uterus exploded ( as I found out after the op ) she was major shock & the screaming of pain blood curdling &she was admitted for an emergency operation on the spot, The Surgon removed her Uterus (Pyometra) & did her best to clean up all the pus thru her insides & also sterilized her at the same time, but because her hormones were very high on estrogen, this had also caused hyperplasia of cervix & meant need to keep a close eye on her recovery & possible infection, otherwise we may need to operate again ?

The Pyometra which almost claimed Sugar’s life. Photos taken during the actual surgery

Its was the 23rd Dec & I was due to fly to New Zealand this day to be with my family for Christmas, but as it worked out all these plans got thrown by the wayside & little Sugar was under the knife before i knew it, thank goodness Dr Listeiani at Semar vet clinic was working this day & she did the operation on the spot, this was a strike of luck, although i was incomplete shock, i was also scared as to weather this docter was clued up as to this complicated operation as i had not used this vet before for an operation, only for vaccinations & minor things.

As it worked out Dr Listeiani was amazing & did a very professional job & even took these gorey photos of the operation & the pus filled uterus for us all to see ( hopefully they are not to graphic for you )

Its been a very long 8 months getting Sugar freed from her jail cell & tending to all her heath issues, hopefully this is the end of it for her & she is finally on the road to recovery, as you can see she had a very special nurse who took care of her while she was recovering, Caramal ( my latest little rescue cat) & Sugar spent many afternoons whaling away the hours cuddled up in front Of the fan- I think she quite happy to have swapped her bouncy boyfriend for this soft little kitten.


Its time now for me to attempt to rescue her boyfriend from his disgusting life & tend to his health issues (as I’m sure there’s going to be a few )…. but more importantly get them reunited & back together again!!

Thanks for your support
Sherin & Sugar ( Japanese Chin breed)

Thank you x


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