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Tom is a Greek Pointer, found abandoned & abused on the island of Syros in Greece. The FOS Rescue shelter on this island took Tom into their care 2 years ago and just a few weeks ago, some of the volunteers noticed a large lump in his abdomen.

The vet diagnosed a tumor and Tom has just had urgent surgery to remove the huge mass. As yet we don’t know if the tumor is cancerous & are awaiting the results.

Cases like these often come to us with no time to raise funds. Waiting until funds are raised would have put Tom’s life at risk, so our Emergency Fund has had to be used.

As you can see by the photo taken during surgery, the tumor was extremely large and needed instant removal.

We are all hoping for a benign result, and will let you know as soon as possible.

Please send a donation to help Tom & replenish K9Aid’s Emergency Fund so that we can react instantly in the next urgent case that really needs our help FAST!

Thank you.

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