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Vincent is just 7 months old and his life so far has been tragic.

As a tiny pup he was dumped at at temple in Pattaya thailand & soon contracted Parvovirus. Luckily he was treated early by local rescuer – Josie Hunt from JH Animal Rescue and survived.

Unbeknown to Josie, one month later Vincent was hit by a car within the temple grounds. He lay injured for 2 days and then something amazing happened. Vincent’s doggy friend “Dina” came to Josie’s door. How she did this no-one knows as Dina had no idea where Josie lived and had never been to her house!.. She is a shy, nervous dog & to reach Josie’s house she would have had to cross several busy roads, a noisy school! But she arrived on Josie’s doorstep and instantly Josie realised something was terribly wrong.

Josie followed Dina back to the temple and found poor Vincent laying in agony with a broken spine.

Josie immediately took Vincent to the vet hospital for surgery & during the operation his heart stopped. But Vincent’s heart began beating again & he’s now recovering.

His surgery and after care have created a huge vet bill. We’d like to be able to pay a portion of the vet bill to help Josie care for Vincent & see him make as best recovery as possible.

This video was taken shortly after Vincent’s surgery. He’s a sweet loving friendly dog and it breaks our hearts to see him like this. But without rescuer’s like Josie, poor Vincent would have likely died in pain.

Please help us reach our $500 goal for this sweet boy.

Thank you.

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