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Young and Pan were found at a shelter in Kanchanaburi, Thailand where they had been heartlessly abandoned in a cage at 6 weeks old without their mother.

Local Bangkok rescuer Amy Nutasti heard about this heart wrenching situation and noticed how distended their bellies were. Their  spines were significantly showing –  meaning they were filled with parasites and starving! This is when Amy decided to take them from the shelter and bring them to Bangkok for treatment.  The pups were also diagnosed with  demodec mange, both internal as well as external parasites and chronic anemia.

Young & Pan will need intensive treatment to recover. Funds are desperately needed to provide Doxycycline for parasites, mange medication & de-worming.  Additionally they will both need nutritious food and supplements twice daily.

The poor babies are currently afraid of humans as they have had very little human contact. Hopefully once their health starts to improve they will emerge from their shells and be able to trust humans again.

Without rescuers like Amy, pups like this would likely die. Now your help is needed to provide them with the life saving treatment and medication they so desperately need.

Please help these two get healthy so they can hopefully go onto a loving home.

Thank you.

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