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Frequently Asked Question ?

What does K9Aid do with my donation?
Can I donate using my credit card?
How do you select your shelters?
Can anyone adopt a dog?
Will I receive news about my shelter?
I can't adopt but I would like to sponsor?
Can I help K9aid?
Is K9Aid a registered Charity
Why are you called K9Aid?

Haven’t found what you were looking for then why not email us at


Head over to the “Causes” page & see what you can do to help dog’s in distress…


Read “Old Fetitza” story & how our supporters have made a change in this old ladies life.

Found living a neglected existence in Brasov Romania, now on her way to a new home in Canada…

Do you know what happens to dogs caught up in the Dog Meat Trade?

I’ll stand by you –performed by Vic Meehan, Adrian Poupa & Shane Blewitt…...

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