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Please consider SPONSORING a Romanian Shelter Dog today… for less than 90 cents per day

By SPONSORING a shelter dog you will helping that dog by contributing to it’s health, food, veterinary care & well being.  For LESS THAN 90 CENTS PER DAY your sponsorship will give these dogs a second chance at life.

“Hanna” would like to tell you her story…

Please read the heartbreaking story of a dog rescued from Romania, who was adopted, lived a year in England and was returned to Romania.
hanna-1 hanna-2

“Hanna” now safely back in Romania…

The dogs listed below live in small shelters supported by K9Aid in Romania. These dogs need YOUR SUPPORT!

Please read the dog’s stories, then choose your dog & click on the “I want to Sponsor this Dog” button below, it will make a HUGE difference to the life of your sponsor dog & may be the best thing you have ever done…

Dogs Needing Sponsors in Romania…

Click on the “More Info” links to see more images & read their story…

MORE INFO on Speckle
MORE INFO on Winner
Lucky-4thumb-2 mika-Thumb Speckle-Thumb winner-thumb

Lucky has been Adopted

“Mika” needs sponsoring

“Speckle” needs a sponsor

“Winner” has been Adopted

Click on the “More Info” links to see more images & read their story…

MORE INFO on Dolly
dolly--thumb Kaya-Adopted arya-Thumb cant-decide-1

“Dolly” has been Adopted

“Kaya” now in UK.

“Arya” needs a sponsor

Let us choose for you!

Your Sponsorship…

For less than a dollar a day your subscription will help the shelter give refuge & medical care for your dog. The shelters that YOUR donations support house more than 400 dogs, it is not practical to list them all so some of the  dogs above may have more than one sponsor. They help support their friends who didn’t make it to this page. All shelter dogs are given the best care possible whether they are sponsored or not.

More sponsor dogs coming soon…


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