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Thai Street Paws Rescue was founded by in 2012 by Tamara Johnston, after she saw a desperate need to help the street dogs of Songkhla, Thailand…

Here’s Tamara’s story…

“Four years ago, I made the big decision that my heart had been telling me to do for years. I sold or gave away most of my belongings, rented out my house, took leave from my teaching job in Australia and moved to Thailand.

My passion and mission is to vaccinate, sterilize, medicate, feed, adopt and love as many street dogs as possible. I have 12 dogs in my home and 61 dogs between 2 foster homes. Once the dogs are healed and healthy, I strive to find forever families for them. I also care for around 50 dogs on the streets, providing food and medical treatments.

My little charity “Thai Street Paws Rescue” now runs completely on donations. Donations are used for items such as rice, produce and meat used to prepare food for rescued & street dogs; medication to prevent blood parasites, tick/flea preventative, antibiotics, heartworm preventative, foster home expenses, sterilisations, vaccinations and much more.”

My future goal (if funds allow), is to create a shelter with a basic space to use as a clinic. This would be a place where dogs can be sterilized, recover and then be released or placed in foster care to await their forever home.

Sterilization is a huge expense in my budget, but necessary to stop the cycle of street dog reproduction. Having a basic clinic where sterilizations could be done locally would make a huge impact in the work I do and the future of Songkhla street dogs.

Education is the key to changing the lives of dogs. Therefore, educating the community about the importance of sterilizing, vaccinating and caring for animals, is vital.”

Tamara’s workload continues to increase, as more and more people in the community are reaching out for help or dumping dogs.

You can help Tamara continue to care for the street dogs of Songkhla, many of whom now rely on her to survive.

Your donation will help Tamara continue to care for the animals in her care…

shelter-aid-1 Become a THAI STREET PAWS Shelter Aid supporter, with a RECURRING MONTHLY DONATION. You will be providing long term support to help rescue & care for the stray animals of Songkhla, Thailand…

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shelter-aid-1 Make a ONE OFF DONATION of your choice & help THAI STREET PAWS care for the animals of Songkhla, Thailand…

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