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    • Anne maroe Sloan

      Pls pls contact me on 07917626903 i must give one of these dogs there forever home. i live in England . i am a huge animal lover and feel it my dity to help. pls call so we can work swoftly to bring one of these beautiful dogs to England. Help me help.

    • Annemarie Sloan

      I want to give a dog a loving forever home. Any dog, it matters not. i live in England. Please contact me asap to work swiftly towards bringing one of these dogs to me. God bless.

    • Miriam Bryer

      Actually one is called Jack Fruit and one is called Kanoon 😜

    • Derek

      Is that a problem?

    • Jen Hardacre

      Note that there are now two dogs with the same name on this site: a curly haired one and a smooth haired one, both tan colour and both named Kanoon.

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