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February 23rd is World Spay & Neuter Day, and the perfect opportunity for Animal Charities to partner together & announce a global initiative to reduce the stray dog population in Thailand.

A joint venture between K9Aid International & American Dog Rescue Foundation (ADR) has been formed to spay/neuter 3000 stray “street” dogs in Thailand during the next 12 months.

During one day, SNIP will sterilize 25-30 animals at no cost to local individuals or communities.

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Join us in helping to reduce the endless cycle of pregnancy that street dogs have to suffer…

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“SNIP” program

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Dogs through the ages have befriended man, protected him, worked for him, comforted him, rescued him, even died for him, so why do some people think it is OK to abuse or neglect them.

Fortunately for dogs there are others who cherish & protect all animals, take the sad story of a dog called “Angel Love”…

angel-2A local Thai lady recently contacted us about a street dog that was sick & being poor she could not afford to take it to the vet. On arriving we saw a dog with advance cancer that probably has only weeks to live, how has this dog been allowed to get to this state.

We were unsuccessful in catching her at first and she started to run in the road so we put some food inside a cage & finally the little dog went  in to eat, it then calmly lay in the cage. We put her in the car and arrived at the vet’s clinic who confirmed our fears that the cancer was too advanced for Chemotherapy treatment and the tumours  couldn’t be cut out as they were too big and new ones would appear anyway. He never discussed putting her to sleep but did say that she was near the end of her life. She doesn’t appear to be in any pain and we can only do our best for her now and make her as comfortable as possible.

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The vet gave her an antibiotic injection and she didn’t even flinch. He told me to clean her tumours every day which I did as soon as she arrived at our Centre. We made friends and she was so good considering she is a street dog and not used to being handled especially with her tumours. Some Facebook Friends named her Angel Love which is very appropriate for this sweet little dog.

I used some of the great medical supplies sent to me by K9Aid of Australia which made the job so much easier. A special dermatological cleansing spray and antibiotic cream which also keeps flies away. She ran around the pen whilst I sprayed her but eventually settled down whilst I gently rubbed the cream on her. I left her lying on clean paper and towels in a little ball in the corner of the pen. We have put her on a special diet of rice, fish, vegetables and egg which will hopefully build up her immune system.

She always asks to go out to relieve herself and then happily trots back into her corner. We have no idea how much longer this little dog has on this earth but I will keep treating her until it becomes obvious her time has come.

Being kind to an animal is not so difficult, so why can many people be so uncaring. Thankfully there are people in the world who do care, you must be one or you would not be here reading Angel Loves story.
Thank you. – Angel Love is in the care of the Headrock Dogs shelter in Bang Saphan Thailand (Update: “Angel Love” died peacefully on Monday 22nd October 2014)  

You too can help save a life, click an image to learn more…

Stop the Dog Meat Trade Support a Rescue Group Adopt a Street Dog Become a Flight Volunteer
By HELPING TO STOP THE ILLEGAL DOG MEAT TRADE you will be giving a rescued dogs a second chance at life...
K9Aid is devoted to raising funds to help the thousands of dogs currently housed in shelters in Northern Thailand, who have been rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade. This barbaric trade see’s dogs snatched from the streets & sold to smugglers who are then jammed into tiny cages (up to 10 dogs per cage) & transported illegally by the thousands across the Thai border to Vietnam. For those that survive the journey an horrific death awaits as they are tortured & skinned alive before being killed & eaten as a delicacy in Vietnamese restaurants. In recent years many of these trucks have been apprehended & the dogs released into huge shelters specifically built to accommodate these dogs. The costs involved in keeping these dogs fed & healthy is enormous. K9Aid raises funds to help promote & assist in  adoption for “the lucky few” who are found new homes. READ MORE
SUPPORT A RESCUE SHELTER/GROUP & you will give hope to abandoned & abused animals...
K9Aid helps small Groups/Animal Shelters by fundraising on their behalf through various “Causes”. Many of these Groups are not experienced at fundraising & don’t have the expertise or confidence to fundraise alone. That is where K9Aid supports these Groups by promoting their Cause on this website & our Facebook page and through our large network of supporters. Their Cause may require funds to treat a sick animal, raising money to pay for an animal’s flight to it’s new home, a disabled dog needing a wheelchair, or sponsorship of their Group/shelter to ensure they can carry on caring for needy animals. There are many possible Causes we can help promote. A running tally on each Cause lets our supporters know how much has been raised to date & the ultimate fundraising goal. READ MORE
ADOPTING A RESCUED STREET DOG may the best thing you will ever do, it will certainly change their life forever...
Our Adoption pages allow the small groups/shelters we work with to showcase their adoptable animals in one central location. K9Aid has wide reach & will enable these animals to be seen & promoted around the world through our website & Facebook page, thereby increasing the possibility of finding homes in many countries. Many Groups struggle to adopt rescued animals through their own networks and that’s where we can help. We have a huge interest in promoting & re-homing dogs rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand and we also have a variety of rescued dogs from several countries including Romania. READ MORE
Why not BECOME A FLIGHT VOLUNTEER, you will be making it possible for a dog to fly to it's new forever home...
It is often possible for a dog to accompany a passenger on their flight (in the cargo compartment). We always have adopted animals needing to travel to/from various locations around the world to their new homes and sending an animal with a passenger (rather than alone) often makes the cost of adopting an animal abroad much more affordable. For instance a dog travelling from Thailand to Canada can cost as little as $200! Some airlines have very cheap rates for dogs travelling “accompanied” (i.e. with a passenger) and we are always looking for passengers travelling with these airlines & willing to accompany an animal on their flight. Please read more about our Flight Volunteer program and watch our Video. If you’re travelling abroad, please register your flight with us. It may be just the one we’re looking for! READ MORE 



We have just received an URGENT PLEA from the Galati shelter in Romania that a rescue group providing this shelter with food is not providing enough and the dogs are starving. There is also a chance this group may stop providing food altogether, if that happens, the dogs will surely die.
The lack of food is a desperate situation. Because the dogs are cold, hungry, they are starting to attack one another and many have terrible bite wounds. Many of the dogs ribs are showing, and the shy ones are getting no food at all & very vulerable. These photos below show the desperate situation now faced by these dogs.
This is the same shelter your donations have been helping to put roofs over the kennels to protect the dogs from the snow. Please don’t let these dogs go hungry. A recurring donation will be so appreciated. One off donations are also very welcome.




SNIP-logo All in a days work...

The SNIP clinic takes the Doctor to the animal,

a small team of Vets & animal nurses set up their clinic in a school, temple or even a street corner. They take with them all the equipment they need to perform the sterilisations. They are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the animals  are safe during their procedure & that all utensils are sterile. Most days the team can sterilise around 25 animals. This reduces the number of unwanted puppies by many hundreds…

For more info on the “SNIP” program please click HERE

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K9Aid is a registered “Not for Profit Charity” in Australia, our motivation for making K9Aid a success is merely the satisfaction of helping animals to live a better life.


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