All Animals are Suay are a small group helping the stray dogs and cats of Chiang Mai, Thailand…

​Established in March 2016 by mother-daughter team, Cathy and Emma, All Animals are Suay was founded with the purpose of helping animals in need in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Emma and Cathy had lived in Thailand for fourteen years and after volunteering at a local dog shelter for four years, they decided to start their own community outreach helping with feeding and sterilizing dogs at a local crematorium and their local library. They strongly believe in going the extra mile to befriend and build relationships with the Thai people in their community to help educate and being of assistance to local pet owners and those who care for animals within their community.
Over time, their own personal project began getting funding from friends, family and local expats, and they were able to expand their outreach to several more temples and community centres and helping with more rescue and veterinary treatment cases, in addition to rehoming community animals locally and internationally. 
All Animals are Suay was created to help provide a solution to improving community animal welfare through managing stray populations, addressing veterinary needs and building relationships with locals to provide education and support. Funding is and has always been completely dependent on donations by people who share our vision.
The name “All Animals are Suay” has multiple layers – Suay was the name of a Thai rescue dog that Emma and Cathy grew very close to and loved that passed away from a brain tumor in 2015. In the Thai language, “suay” also means “beautiful”. Emma and Cathy truly believe that all animals are indeed beautiful.

At present, Emma and Cathy have moved back permanently to Australia, but their work continues with the help of a team of friends and locals who share their passion – to see the lives and welfare of animals improve in Chiang Mai. They continue to run daily operations from afar and are the primary communicators with the Thai individuals that still rely on their regular help. Never in their wildest dreams did Emma and Cathy think that they would end up starting and managing their own small community animal rescue that has changed and continues to change the lives of animals in need.


All their work continues to be dependent on donations, so please give if you can so they can give the animals of Chiang Mai a brighter future! 

Your donation will help Emma & Cathy continue to care for the animals in their care…

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